Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Interested in MIPS/UCLIBC/DirectFB becoming a Tier1 platform?

Are you running Qt on a MIPS based system? Is your toolchain using UCLIBC? Do plan to use Qt with DirectFB? If not you can probably stop reading.

During the Qt5 development the above was my primary development platform and I spent hours improving the platform and the Qt support. I descended down to the kernel and implemented (and later moved) userspace callchain support for MIPS [1][2] in perf. This allows to get stacktraces/callchains for userspace binaries even when there is no framepointer. I stress-tested the DirectFB platform plugin and found various issues in DirectFB, e.g. this memleak. I modified the V8 MIPS JIT to provide the necessary routines for QML. While doing this I noticed that the ARM implementation is broken and helped to fix it.

At the time Nokia was still using Puls. This meant that getting an external build to integrate with their infrastructure was not possible. So I started to setup a Jenkins for DirectFB and Qt myself. The Qt Jenkins is compiling QtBase, QtJsBackend, QtXmlPatterns, QtDeclarative and QtWebKit for MIPS/Linux/UCLIBC. On top of these there a daily builds for the various QtBase configurations (dist, large, full, medium, small, minimal) and running the V8 unit tests using the built-in simulator for ARM and MIPS. The goal was to extend this to run the all the Qt tests on real hardware. The unit that supported my work was shut-down before I could implement it and the platform work has mostly been in maintenance mode since then.

This has all worked nicely for the release up to Qt 5.0 but when Qt5.1 got merged into the stable branch and received some updates the build started to break and I don't have enough spare time to fix that.

If anyone is interested in either taking over the CI or helping to make this part of my work again I would be very happy.

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