Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tale of a day/morning

My debug build of libQtWebKit finished and I thought the horror of linking a huge library is over and that I could start to debug. Turned out that gdb was segfaulting when launching my application. Eeeek., google... well googling for gdb and crash is not really finding gdb things. Okay so I was using cvs to get the latest version of gdb, compiling... *crash*. It seemed to crash in demangling, so just in case I was updating binutils and rebuilding gdb. same crash. Hmmm, let us try a debug build... hmmm. Okay one of these 300 char symbols, using the libiberty/testsuite it worked fine... hmmm. using valgrind... using it again and reading the output... oh stack overflow... Turns out alloca is a nice api... there is no error checking and no way to get a breakpoint set... even with -fno-builtin...I was kicking out alloca on my stracktrace from the crash and made it go away, filed a bug and attached a patch, let us see how long this takes to end up in a version. Fixed my QtWebKit within 30 seconds after seeing the stack trace...

I spent the other half of the day/morning with copying the Q.713 data structure into a headerfile and sketching out my header file for a SCCP lite GSM A-Interface implementation. I hope I can publish this soon. Before starting to implement this I will go back to do some WebKit performance analysis...

And with all the GNU bashing going on, I wonder if GNOME 3.0 will be called NOME 3.0... This reminds me of Goethe and the "Die Geister, die ich ruf werd ich nicht mehr los".

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