Sunday, October 14, 2007

OpenEmbedded at T-Dose

I was at T-Dose the last two days. I did arrive on Friday and had certain difficulties to find a place to sleep. I had to find out that the train station actually closes at 1:30 in the morning...
So today I had my talk on OpenEmbedded and I'm going to upload my slides, it was my first talk using keynote and I think it went quite well. It was quite an easy talk without going into details too much. E.g. I spared the audience from talking in the sense of interdependant tasks but gave a high level view on OpenEmbedded and tried to show how much we rock as community. I will put the slides up somewhere but will do another post.
I was honored by the presence of Kirk McKusick and Eric Allman and I hope Kirk didn't fell a sleep due my talk....

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peter said...


Couldn't be there myself, but I heard very good comments about your talk by two college's.
I'm looking forward to see the slides.

Peter Leemans