Sunday, September 23, 2007

Traveling, Planning, Failing

It is almost a week ago that I left Eindhoven to visit Michael and Daniel and since Wednesday I'm back in Eindhoven, the tuesday was spent in Amsterdam and I stayed in a christian hostel ( I had planned/expected to be in the north (think of Finland, Denmark, Sweden) by this time but I'm somehow stuck at my family in Eindhoven, no idea if I will leave them before OEDEM, if I'm going to manage it to go to London/o-hand for a day or two as I'm somehow really stuck here.

I have been mostly doing janitor work on WebKit/Gtk+, killing the TemporaryLinkStubs.cpp, moving stubs to separate files, finally did the renaming from *Gdk.{h,cpp} to *Gtk.{h,cpp}, started on working drawing comboboxes and popupmenu support. I'm searching for a nice and easy way to bind GObject to JavaScript but it looks like I have to use to extract the public methods. In this regard the Qt Object Model is just better as you have access to signals and slots (specially marked methods). So the moc creates are more pleasant experience in contrast to the m4 foobar the gtkmm bindings requires one to do... but I'm drifting away.

I spend most of the day reading books, publications and try to take care of my cousins, their dog and doing other physical work. I quite enjoy that and it helps me to relax.

I congratulate Trolltech for opening up Qtopia and as I have promised back then I will do the Qt4 dance now. I don't know where, how and if some one is going to record it but some people at OEDEM will be forced to see me dancing.

Oh and btw there is Charon a web browser designed for the Neo, go and check that out.

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leinir said...

Of course, now someone needs to film this and stick it up on youtube *giggles* :)

Relaxation is good, and is needed sometimes - it is wonderful to see people who actually manage to find time to do so :)